What I’m Wearing

With all the hype of New York & London Fashion Week and piles upon piles of beautiful photographs being uploaded every day, I thought today I would leave the skinny jeans and degraded t-shirt that I’m normally prone to throwing on at the back of the wardrobe, and go all out with a nice little dress ! – Teamed with tights of course, as it’s getting particularly chilly!

The dress I decided to wear has been a favourite of mine since buying it for my birthday last year! It’s from ASOS and is a beautiful silky material. I hardly wear it unless it’s for special occasions, so I was rather upset when I pulled it out to discover the beaded neckline was broken! Hopefully I will be able to get it fixed by my wonderful grandmother and she really is able to fix anything!

Anyway, I still wore the dress as its too pretty to keep hanging the wardrobe! I teamed it with some tights and my black shabby boots – of which I am in desperate need of a new pair!

I love love the detail on the neckline, it really sets the dress off!

After two previous ( and disastrous) attempts at making cakes this week, I finally made a delicious batch which basically all ended up in my tummy. As you can probably already see, I am yet to master my presentation skills!

xoxo T


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