Bestival 2012

I have just (Monday to be exact) returned from the best Festival ever, no exaggeration! Yes it’s true that Bestival may have been my first ever festival, but my oh my was it good! Bestival ran from Thursday 6th September until Monday 10th September and along with the masses of amazing music was everyone’s long lost friend, THE SUN!

Stefan and I arrived early on Thursday morning and after a short queue of only two hours, we entered the site! Rob Da Bank went all out this year, as the site was filled with breathtaking art work and designs that really set if off. We even walked passed him on the way to set up our tent, Stef got overly excited and called him and Rob gave a subtle smile and wave back (much to our delight)

What I loved straight away about Bestival was that when you left the main arena to go to the campsite, there were still masses of music tents, food stalls, dj’s and shops to entertain you.

When the festival kicked off on Friday, it was pretty damn good! The highlights for me were Florence and the Machine, The xx, Julio Bashmore & Bondax. Although each of these was viewed through drunken eyes and ears, they still managed to make a bloody good impression! I had never heard of Bondax before but our friends made us go and I have to admit I’m glad I did. Bondax played in the Rizlab stage which was packed out for their set and had a really good vibe. On arrival home it’s safe to say I have done a fair bit of downloading and Bondax are now dominating my ‘Recently Added’ section on Itunes. The atmosphere for all of these acts was amazing; with the only downside being the main stage field being like a tin of sardines.

Moving on to Saturday, I was once again (uncomplainingly) woken up by the boiling heat and forced to leave my sweaty, smelly tent at 8am because it was just so sunny. After a morning of walking around Bestival looking at the quirky shops – of which there was abundance and sunbathing with overpriced alcohol (£4.20 for a pint of gaymers!) the music kicked off with probably my most favourite act of Bestival which was…drum roll…. BEN HOWARD! Ben Howard played at Big Top Tent and it was filled to the brim with people singing along with Ben and showing general love towards him! He sounded perfect and he really got the entire crowd going (He’s pretty handsome too). After that we headed to the Roller Disco tent to see Mosca where once again the crowd loved it, especially when he dropped Bax. It was a rather hectic morning so we spent the rest of the day chilling in the wagamama lounge (which had really good dj’s), before going back to wrap up warm and head to the main stage for Two Door Cinema Club. We were caught between them and Major Lazer, of which I heard a bit of both and both were pretty good. To finish off the night we headed to the Rizlab tent to catch Bonobo – who was my second favourite act of Bestival. He is an amazing DJ and played a brilliant set.

Before we knew it Sunday was there. Even though artists were performing in the day, the only musician people cared about on Sunday was the one and only, STEVIE WONDER.  I think it’s safe to say Sunday was a chilled one for everyone at Bestival. I did go and see Little Dragon on the main stage in the day who was fantastic – she always gets the crowd going with her crazy antics on stage – but apart from her we spent all day preparing for Stevie. As soon as the sun went down people were flocking to the main stage to grab a good spot. We got there reasonably early and pushed our way forwards. After securing an excellent spot, we waited… and my oh my Stevie didn’t disappoint. Without sounding cheesy, I have to say it was one of the most surreal moments ever. Never in my life did I think I would see one of the most talented musicians in the world…LIVE! Stevie sang an abundance of brilliant songs amongst my favourite were  – Very Superstitious ( of course), For once in my life, Isn’t she lovely, Signed sealed delivered, The way you make me feel ( MJ) & You can feel it all over. He was definitely the best person I have ever seen perform and without doubt was a highlight of my life! After Stevie came the fireworks which were immense and really were a fabulous ending to a fabulous weekend.

After attending Bestival 2012, it is safe to say that I am going to try my very hardest to go to Bestival 2013 as it was bloody fantastic! – Perhaps this time however I will save more money as it was so expensive!

A quick festival fashion note:

After doing a lot of people watching at Bestival the fashion trends I noticed were:

  • Bindis – Think Gwen Stefani in ‘No Doubt’! I am a huge fan of this and definitely going to stock up on some for my nights out. My friend Melody bought some beautiful ones from Camden so head down there to scoop up some gems!
  • Creepers – Yes they’ve been around for a while now but from what I saw, I don’t think they’re a trend that is going to be dying out soon. Unfortunately mine got stolen from outside my tent so I need to grab myself a new pair *sad face*
  • Dungarees – Another 90’s revival it seems and definitely one I love! People teamed dungarees with bra lets underneath and it really worked well!

xoxo T


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