Bank Holiday Weekend

I am not usually a person for going out on bank holiday weekends and instead I prefer to stay at home with my family and friends and have a good time – and that’s what exactly what I did! As I went away for all of July and part of August I have hardly had time to spend time with my best friend. I don’t use the word ‘best’ loosely either. Abigail and I have known each other since we were nine ( around that age anyway). As soon as we met, we were inseparable, and that never really changed until we both went to University. Abigail is a year older than me and has just graduated from Leicester University in English ( with a 2:1)! She also wants to go on to do journalism, so her time has been filled up with lots and lots of work experience, once again meaning its been hard to see each other! This weekend however has been spent together – and it was fabulous!

Her parents cooked me a delicious meal on Friday night and we then watched a film called “Lbs.” If you haven’t seen this, I definitely recommend it! It is not filled with the best Hollywood actors, to be honest I didn’t know one actor in it, but the actors that are in it are brilliant, and the story is funny,sad and very moving!

On Saturday we went for a cheeky trip to Topshop and although I am extremely poor at the moment I made two little purchases from the sale jewelry section.

I bought this beautiful gold ring with red squared on it, and a pearl/gold ear cuff and the best thing – together it cost just £3.60 ( with student discount of course) No doubt I will lose this ring by the end of week as I always end up losing things, but for now it seems to look good with every outfit!

Moving onto Sunday, this was probably my favourite day of bank holiday because for the first time in YEARS, I went cycling with my parents. We drove down to Swansea which has improved so much from the last time I was there, and then cycled along the coast to mumbles.

I’ve once again discovered my love of cycling and will hopefully be doing a lot more of it!

xoxo T


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