What I’m Wearing – Feeling Catty

It’s safe to say its been a leggings heavy week for me! For some reason when I find myself getting dressed in the mornings, the only things  I seem to want to wear are my leggings! Maybe it’s the cool prints on them, maybe I’m too lazy to pick a nicer outfit, or maybe they’re just too bloody comfy – either away, here I am again wearing a pair of leggings.

When it comes to tops however I can never make my mind up and today was no different – until I received a little bit of inspiration! There I was searching through my wardrobe for a top to wear with my leggings when I hear the mail being delivered through the door.Now for some strange reason, ever since I was a little girl,  I have loved loved loved going to collect it! There was never any mail for me, even now I only have the odd letter from the bank, but I still get excited when it comes. Today though was a little different, there was mail for me!

Stefan, my boyfriend, has gone to Estonia today with his friends for five nights ( nice for some) but he had had  my bank card since last week so obviously, had sent it(sneakily)yesterday in case I needed it while he was away ! Along with the bank card, he sent a rather cheeky card, along with a really cute little picture with two kittens on the front. As soon as I saw the kittens, I remembered a little gem of a jumper that has been hiding in my wardrobe since last winter!

The jumper was bought for me by my mother from Very Catalogue two Christmas’s ago and I have to admit, I love it! These leggings are from Ebay and were only £6.99!

Close up of the jumper & my cards from Stef : (Excuse the serious face)


The speech marks around the kittens are making reference to my favourite scene from 101 dalmatians where the fat puppy says, ” I’m not sleepy, I’m hungry” don’t ask me why but I just find it so cute, and always end up saying it to Stefan!


xoxo T



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