What I’m Wearing

I can’t say I’ve ever been a big lover of animal print clothing. It’s never really been something I ever fancied, nor did I think it really suited me. However, before going travelling my boyfriends mother bought me a pair of leopard print leggings, but they are more of a grey/cream/black colour than usual. When I received them I put a big smile and said how much I loved them (as you do), while on the inside all I was thinking was, am I ever going to wear them? what can I wear them with? erghhhhhh. Anyway, I did end up wearing them in India, as there I didn’t care what I looked like, not what anyone thought. Since they were so comfortable, and actually looked pretty good on me, I have changed my view of animal print – for leggings at least! I teamed them with a plain white T-shirt, courtesy of my brothers wardrobe, and again my with all time fave shoes, my creepers! – Which coincidentally also have leopard print on!

There’s also a little visitor in my photo this week – Flurry! My beautiful little dog who seems to want in on the blogging action!

xoxo T


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