To Fake Or Not To Fake?…

Every time I go abroad, be it America,  Greece or even India, I constantly find myself drawn to the fakes. Why not? They look exactly the same, and cost a fraction of the price. I have always been a lover of fake things, be it bags,purses, watches and all that sort of stuff. Never in a million years could I afford the real things, so fakes have never seemed that much of big deal to me.Until today that is…

While casually browsing the internet, I stumbled across a website called ‘Romwe’. After browsing through some items I thought, wow this shop is perfect! It has some lovely clothes, and really cheap prices. So I was enjoying myself, until I stumbled across these.

If you have read my blog before,  you’ll be aware of why these shocked me, if not, I shall tell you.

It was my birthday in May, and I couldn’t decided what to have. I really wanted a pair of heels from Topshop, but also really really wanted a pair of leggings. But not just any old leggings, they were from Black Milk. Black Milk leggings are particularly pricey, mainly because they are all handmade, and only sold from Australia. I decided to get the leggings, as I knew that they would be statement piece, and that there was going to be little chance of seeing about a hundred girls wearing the same leggings (as you do with the likes ofTopshop). Of course, the leggings, are the same as these COPYCATS above! – only much nicer of course.

I’m probably being a tad pathetic, but it is a little annoying when Black Milk are a unique company, who base themselves on their special  designs( even though I know this print is famous), and only making things by hand – and then some other company comes along and blatantly steals their idea. Or maybe it’s the cost that is annoying… Mine cost 54 squid, whereas the replicas are a measely 16.78!

Maybe I’ll change my view on fakes now…maybe not!



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