Off to the Races (kind of)

Yesterday was of course one of the most prestigious events of the social calendar, and that is Ascot! Ascot gives people an opportunity to dress up beautifully, wear big hats, enjoy a glass (or five) of Pimm’s, and place bets on the horses.

As much as I’d like to say I attended the prestigious Ascot, I did not. Instead, myself, my mother and her friends, attended a lovely gathering celebrating Ascot, that made us feel like we were actually there – without spending a lot of money!

We started at 10.30am in ‘Weathspoons’ – definitely a place one would not find any of the true Ascot goers, but fun nonetheless. I, being the youngest one there( as the group consisted of my mother and her friends, a group of 35-50 year olds) thought to myself “what have I let myself in for”, they were all extremely insane, and rather drunk before we had even left for the venue.

The day was held at a beautiful hotel in Wales called The Maes Manor, and on arrival we were given a glass of wine! We were then escorted inside for a delicious two course meal, and then the best bit, we watched Ascot on giant tv screens, and were able to place bets!

I don’t know if it was the fact we were all pretty tipsy, with others past of the point of return, or simply just our bad luck, but after placing bets on every single race, we managed to not win a single pound! Disappointing but funny at the same time.

After a fabulous day I have decided that next year I am most definitely going to make my friends come to either the Grand National or Ascot, as it is extremely fun, and a perfect excuse to get dressed up looking wonderful, and get drunk!

The dress I wore was by Anna Sui. I purchased it three years ago for a wedding, and I am ashamed to admit it has been hiding/gathering dust in my wardrobe ever since! After receiving many compliments yesterday, I am certainly keeping that one at the front of my wardrobe from now on.

Here are some pictures from my day;

Me and my amazing mother


xoxo T


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