I’ve just arrived back from a fabulous holiday with the family, and although our reason for going is a long, complicated and unpleasant story that I’m not going to delve in to, it turned out to be a pretty amazing holiday. Before going, I had a vision of Santorini in my head, lots of white buildings with blue roofs built on a hillside, with amazing views of the sea… and it was exactly that! I went with my mum, stepdad, and grandparents, and I have to admit I did think it was going to be rather boring – being stuck with the oldies- but they were more adventurous than me! One of the highlights of the holiday was hiring a quad bike with my mother ( my stepdad and grandparents hired car), and we drove from one side of the island to the other and it was breathtaking!

Another highlight was the traditional Greek plate smashing! On our last night we went to the No Name restaurant in Kamari (which I would definitely recommend to anyone who is going to Santorini) where we had tasty food and danced and smashed plates. While away I also managed to read The Great Gatsby ( in just two days), which was brilliant, and I now anticipating the film even more!

Anyway, here are some pictures from my beautiful holiday!


xoxo T



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