Birthdays & Goodbyes

Since my last post I have had my last two second year exams, meaning I have finished my second year of university, turned twenty (twenteen), had a more than eventful night out to celebrate, and left Liverpool ( in a VERY squashed car) and headed back to little ole Merthyr Tydfil, or ‘The Shire’ as I like to call it. ( Mainly because after watching Lord of the rings, it is apparent that is striking similarities – It is green, everyone knows each other, and the main point, NO-ONE EVER LEAVES).

Anywho, in this post I want to share pictures of my wonderful birthday presents from my friends and boyfriend, and photo’s from my last night out in Liverpool until September! (THIS IS GOING TO BE VERY PHOTO HEAVY)

The first photo of course, ME AND MY BLACK MILKS! They are the nicest and comfiest things ever! My parents hate them, and I may have received some weird looks in the streets, but I don’t care because they are snazzzzzy, and I’m defiantly going to start saving up for a new pair!

Amongst the amazing fox cake my friends made for me ( I love foxes), they got me the Meadham Kirchhoff nails wraps aka Vagina Nails, that I have wanted FOREVER! If you haven’t seen them before, they consist of really cute pictures of teddy bears, unicorns, but also a vagina! Pretty strange, but brilliant nonetheless. They also got me a cookie monster cupcake which was delicious, AND bindu’s for trip to India! Which I definitely plan on wearing.

I have never read The Great Gatsby, but with the new film coming out soon with the dreamy Leonardo Dicaprio, I was very interested in it, and after talking about it for a long time, Stefan bought the book for me, alongside the hunger games! Both books came at perfect timing, as I am off to Santorini on Tuesday, and India at the end of June, so plenty of reading time!

I was also lucky enough to see the Olympic Torch pass through Liverpool…

xoxo T


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