Lazy Sunday

With my first exam on Friday, and knowing very little about the subjects I am supposed to be writing on, you might think that I would be sat here revising like mad, cramming my revision into every minute of the day… but alas, I am not. I woke up relatively early this morning, made a assuage sandwich and cup of green tea for me and Stefan and, feeling refreshed, I told myself, today,I shall do some work!

I really did try ( for a whole 5 minutes), but my concentration span was completely lost ( if found, please return to 14 Bold Place). Instead, I have been playing online pool, if you’ve never played, DON’T! It’s ridiculously addictive, for me anyway. I then took a walk to Aldi to buy some food for dinner later, and here I am now procrastinating again, taking pictures of myself to show you my outfits and writing about my (not very exciting) life.

Being Sunday, I opted for a very casual look today. Even though we’re half way through  May, the skies are grey and it’s not exactly warm ( not in Liverpool anyway). So I opted for my Black Skinny jeans, my black boots, my boyfriends jumper ( which is extremely comfy), and added my cream and pink blouse from Primark to add some colour!

Even though I should be revising, all I can think about is what film to watch later on tonight, and I’ve narrowed it down to these two..

Fox & The Hound is my all time favourite Disney film, and I would definitely do anything for a pet Tod or Copper. I also love Enchanted and haven’t seen it for ages and ages! I will probably end up watching the two. Along with the films, as Stefan works in a sweet shop, he kindly popped two packets of these into my bag when I went to see him earlier..

I demolished this packet as soon as I had taken the picture, because they are so so so nice! I haven’t had them in years, and when I did used to have them, it would be fair to say I got a little bit addicted.

I’m actually going to attempt to do some work now, wish me luck. Hope you all have a nice Sunday

xoxo T


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