Birthdays & Beautiful outfits!

Its 8pm, and I am still just as hungover as when  I woke up at 7am this morning (ergh). Yesterday was a friends birthday, Neil, to celebrate turning 20 we all went out for his birthday, to a personal favourite club, Bumper! It’s always exciting ( sad I know) going to another house/flat for pre-drinks, and last night didn’t disappoint! We got really drunk while playing “the most depressing game in the world”, if you have never played this before, I will include the rules at the end of this post. I was introduced to it by my Irish friend (… that says it all really haha only joking Leanne), and basically, if you’re easily made to laugh, or very drunk, it’s impossible to win!

Anyway, the purpose of this post was to share some pictures from last night, showing all of our outfits! At one point it looked we had all coordinated and worn white ( with the select few not getting the memo), and then like a girl band, all dressed like barbies ( white and pink).

My favourite outfit of the night was Leanne’s! She bought a beautiful pair of pink shorts and wore them with a white crop-top = which seem to be everywhere! On that subject Leanne pointed out the other day that, in Topshop especially, nearly every top in there is a crop top, which isn’t really fair if you don’t want to show your stomach off! And it’s so true, sort it out Topshop!

Anyway, here are some pictures, enjoy 🙂

White dress from Asos, Shoes from Missguided

Love this so much! Top and shorts are both from Topshop


Myself, Pete & Leanne


xoxo T


Example for 4 people playing

1)Everyone pours a bit of their drink into a cup
2)Everyone puts one finger on the cup
3)Someone goes first saying 1,2,3 and then either number 1,2,3 or 4 ( because four are playing
4)At this point, the other players can either leave or take a finger off. If the person
guesses the correct number, ie, they say 2, and 2 fingers are left, they win…
BUT, once they have won, they are not allowed to smile or laugh or celebrate, or
they are back in. This carries on until theres a loser, who drinks what’s in the cup.
haha to you, it probably sounds awful, as my describing skills don’t give it justice,
but you should really give it a go!


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