Black Milk Excitement!

If you haven’t read my earlier post about my birthday dilemma ( of shoes or leggings), you probably don’t know what I’m on about, but basically, even though I have been up since 7am, I am very excited and extremely bright eyed and bushy tailed all because I HAVE JUST ORDERED A PAIR OF BLACK MILK LEGGINGS!

If you have never heard of them before ( which I hadn’t until a couple of months ago), head over to their website nowย They sell the best printed leggings and swimming costumes I have ever seen! They are rather pricey, but it’s kind of acceptable as they are a cute little company based in Australia, who refuse to get their leggings and other clothing made in third world countries for cheap, instead all their products are hand sewn!

Anyway, as it is my birthday in three weeks, I finally decided to go with the leggings as my birthday present from my wonderful boyfriend ๐Ÿ™‚

Here they are :

.Another reason you should buy something from Black Milk is because of this cool email they sent after buying them. It went along the lines of , there is a downside to buying from Black Milk and two of the downsides were ;

  • You might have peopleย wanting to touch your legs – and not just freaky people either, we’re talking children, grandmas, milkmen…
  • You might make your plain dressing friends feel bad about themselves – and thenย when you go around to their houseย they won’t offer you juice, just water. :

It really made me laugh, and makes the company so unique!

I can’t wait to blog a photo of me actually wearing them!!!


Have a nice day

xoxo T


2 thoughts on “Black Milk Excitement!

  1. sanniesss says:

    Loving the leggins!:) I had never heard them before but I just looked their website and I have to say I love their stuff!

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