What I’m Wearing

I can’t remember the last time I done a ‘What I’m wearing’, as more often than not, my outfits have been boring and not worthy! Today is just the same, but nevertheless, I thought I ought to do one out of principal!

After a 9 O’clock Lecture my day has been spent hanging around the sweetshop where my boyfriend works, as I attempted to do my essay ( due in Tuesday) but failed, so thought I’d take a stroll down there – a bad idea, as I ended up there for two hours stuffing my face with sweets, ruining any chances of the bikini body I am hoping for  for holidays in 4 weeks ( yay)!


Excuse the rubbish and plates in the background, I’M A STUDENT!

Anyway, I chose to wear my trusty black leather shorts ( H&M) and my favourite boyfriend shirt which I have had for years (Topshop), with a pair of holey tights of course! Every pair I own seem to have holes in them these days, I don’t know what goes on! What you can’t see in the picture is one of my favourite necklaces I am wearing. If you have seen my other “What I’m Wearing” posts, I have previously worn a necklace similar to this one. It was my great grandmothers, and when my Grandmother passed away she gave a little collection of the costume jewellery to me! – Which I am very thankful of, as not only are they stylish and make any outfit look lovely, but they are a special to me  🙂

ALSO – unrelated to the fashion aspect of this post, here is my favourite song of the moment! I have been stressed recently because of Uni/money/general life, and this song is really relaxing, the vocals are loveellyyy, hope you enjoy!

xoxo T


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