Birthday Dilemma – Leggings or Heels?

With my birthday being 4 weeks today YAY, I’m in a dilemma over what to have off my boyfriend. It’s a close call between a pair of heels, or a pair of leggings, both of which I am in love with!

Option A

 My first option are these very beautiful, VERY HIGH platformy wedges from Topshop (£55). I am in desperate need of a new pair of heels and I think these are perfect – especially with summer just around the corner! I’ve seen them in the store, and they look amazing, and would go with anything. Nevertheless, I also LOVE option B….

Option B 

I have been obsessing over Black Milk for a couple of months since it popped up on my news feed on Facebook, but they’re too expensive for a poor student like me to buy, unless I’m having them as a present – enter 20th Birthday! I think these are my favourite design out of all of them, although there are a few celestial designs I also love, which makes it even harder deciding on what to get!

Oh how I wish I was rich so I could buy both, and many many more!

What do you guys think?

xoxo T


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