Home for Easter

Finally, I am home for the Easter holidays and have a lovely long two weeks to spend with my family ( a new edition to the family is due soon I’m pretty excited about that) and catching up with my friends.

I arrived home at around 4.00pm yesterday, and had a quick change, because at 5.30 I was going out for my mothers friends Birthday party/Hen party! I was dreading it a little bit, as they are rather OAP ish ( they made me buy water and paracetamol for the bus journey home), but it turned out to a fabulous night!

Here is me and my mother before left, so happy to be home so I get to have her amazing cooking and general mothering qualities that I can’t get being a 150 miles away in Liverpool!

I bought this skirt from Missguided last year for holidays, and I love love love it! Especially now that the sun has decided to make anย appearance, it’s really summery and cute.

If you’ve never seen the Welsh Valleys before, here’s a little picture I took from my window, showing the rather wonderful ( not really), Merthyr Tydfil, lookingย surprisinglyย pretty!

FINALLY, I can’t go without sharing with you one of the main reasons I love coming home, and that is of course…. FLURRY!

How cute is she!


xoxo T


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