St.Patricks Day!

One of the biggest nights out in Liverpool came around yesterday, and that of course, was the rather amazing, ST.PADDYS DAY! Having an Irish housemate (Leanne) means since coming to Uni, March 17th has become a BIG date in the Calendar!

Even though I went out on Friday too, as I had won tickets to go and see Annie Mac, who was amazing, I had to pull myself together for an all dayer of drinking and celebrating! After waking up at 12 and getting ready, I started the day with a bowl of weetabix and glass of cider – true Irish style!

The first couple of pints didn’t go down too well,  but after the ‘hair of the dog’ saying was drummed into me all day, ( if you don’t know what it means, its basically, drink with a hangover and you will be fine!) I started to feel better!

Anyway, the main point of this post was to share some pictures with you from yesterday so I show off my new shorts, and show you my friends’ beautiful outfits too!

From left to right : Laura, Leanne, Me, Sophie

Laura borrowed Leanne’s crop top from Topshop which is so cute and summery, and looks perfect with a skirt or shorts! I love Leanness outfit, as it without doubt, screams summer! and that makes me really happy! Not too sure where her fabulous skirt is from ( I’ll have to find out), but the crop top is mine, and I got it a couple of years ago in the topshop sale! My outfit was recently purchased, both items from Topshop, and reasonably cheap too! The necklace was my grandmothers and I love wearing it to add some style to any outfit. Finally is Sophies beautiful dress! I love the design of this as it’s shaped lovely at the front, and has a really cute heart shape cut into the back! I think it’s from Ark ( but I’m not too sure).

                                                                                                                 Me and Stef!

Hope you all had a nice day too!


xoxo T


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