Hey everyone! Haven’t blogged for a while, I’ve been pretty busy, including going on a cheeky trip to one of my favourite places, LONDON! It was my boyfriends friends birthday, so we went down to celebrate with him. Only downside – it was a 6 hour coach there from Liverpool!

Nevertheless, after getting there, we went somewhere I’ve been dying to go for ages, and that was PLATFORM 9 3/4’s! It was too much fun, but sadly, not even located at platform 9!

After this, it was back to Sam’s flat ( Sam is the birthday boy), and then off to the restaurant where he works,  Randall & Aubin in Soho! … I would recommend this place to anyone! As well the amazing food we had, the atmosphere there was totally different from anywhere I’ve ever been, and the staff were friendly and funny!

After many a cocktail, we headed to somewhere I never thought I’d be going, MAYFAIR! We went to a club called Aura, which was rather pricey, but I had an amazing night! Everyone was so happy and nice, and we literally didn’t stop dancing all night! Here are a few pictures ;


I bought these shorts specifically for the weekend, and I’m in love with them! They were only £34 from Topshop, and are really summery! I also bought the black crop top under my shirt, which came in handy as it was so hot in the club!

One of the best weekends ever!


xoxo T


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