What I’m Wearing

Today is an extremely sunny day in Liverpool, not a cloud in the sky and the blue goes on for miles…. But don’t be fooled. The sun may be out but its still FREEZING temperatures! The sun was urging me out of bed this morning, but the cold air was forcing me back in. It was a tough decision on what to do!

But after deciding not to be lazy, I’m up and dressed! I’ve got two lectures today so don’t need to dress up much, so my outfit today is pretty casual!

After raiding through my wardrobe to find something bright & summery but warm at the same time, It was evident that I had nothing! Nevertheless, I really like my boyfriends jack wills top ( what I’m wearing) so stole it! It’s safe to say I love wearing boys clothes – most of boys clothes are actually nicer than girls, and considerably cheaper too! My housemate Sophie came to my room yesterday with some amazing finds from the mens section in Primark! They were stylish and cheap too- what more do you want! Also, Sophie has just started blogging, it’s really cute so take a lookΒ http://coasting-nicely.blogspot.com/.

Anyway, back to my outfit. So I stole my boyfriends top ( and belt), and teamed it with my topshop black skinnys, which I have had for literally FOREVER, and my converse! A sort of boring outfit really, but still I thought I’d share!

Thats the view from my bedroom window! Liverpool can be so pretty! ( I’m lucky)

FINALLY – all this sun is making me excited for summer, and the festival season! If you’re planning on heading to a festival this summer, in the UK or Abroad, then,head toΒ http://www.phestival.co.uk. ItΒ has all the things you need – Tickets, Info & Everything Inbetween! I intern with them and blog for them, and they are amazing! Check out the website please ( It’s getting revamped really soon)!

Hope you all have a nice day
xoxo T


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