What I’m Wearing

My outfit today is pretty repetitive of what I’ve shown you the last couple of days, being my leggings and trainers. However, today is my first day wearing them together and they look so nice, ( even if I do say so myself) I wanted to blog them! It’s pretty hot outside today and I wanted to feel Spring /Summery! I’ve popped into town today to do some food shopping, and seen people wearing shorts with bare legs and no coat! I know the sun is out, but we’re still in Liverpool and it’s only 8 degrees! Therefore, I think my outfit expresses Spring, with the realization that is not yet SUMMER!

(Excuse the dirty carpet, student accommodation hoovers DO NOT work)

I know I’ve already blogged about the leggings, but they are SO comfy and stylish, I really urge everyone to go out and buy a pair. ( Mine are £20 in River Island) Likewise, I was a little weary of the shoes at first as my friend bought a pair ( not the same as mine) and said that they hurt her feet, however, these are really really comfy and look great too! ( These are also from River Island for £20). I haven’t worn this t-shirt in a while, it’s a UCLA one my mother got me from LA, but it too is comfy, and I think grey goes well with the leggings!

Here’s a close up of the shoes!

Hope everyone is having a nice Sunday!

xoxo T


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