All hail Alexa

With Fashion Week now hitting London, who better to be the queen of the front row, than one of the biggest style icons of the UK, and one of my favorite celebrities, Alexa Chung.

Through New York Fashion Week, she looked divine, but now with the rest of the world heading to London, she has projected British Style beautifully in her choice of outfits.



Her teaming of a simple cardigan with these amazing printed trousers works beautifully, as she looks effortlessly chic! A look that she pulls off splendidly.

Yet again, here , she wears a fairly simple look, but makes it look wonderful. I particularly like her shirt, the collar is beautiful!

Lastly, is my favourite look so far! She looks girly, and playful and definitely British!

I am looking forward to seeing the rest of her outfits this week, as this week she really is the queen of the front row!

xoxo T

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