What I’m Wearing

Today I was interning so went for a pretty casual look. After wearing my shorts yesterday and realizing how comfy they were, I opted to wear them again.

I live with my boyfriend which means I get to raid his wardrobe, which I do daily, and stole his t-shirt for my look today ( It’s a sample from Knitmania)! Because the t-shirt and shorts were very casual, to jazz things up I added myย favoriteย necklace!

Growing up I would always raid my Nan’s jewelry collection trying all her beautiful necklaces and rings ( this included). It would make me feel like a princess just for that split second. Unfortunately my wonderful grandmother passed away two years ago, but she gave me the necklace, and now whenever I put it on I think of her. I love the necklace because of this, but also because it brightens up the simplest of outfits.

xoxo T


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