R.I.P Whitney

I have to admit, when I logged onto facebook this morning and saw the mass of statuses saying ” RIP Whitney” and ” WHITNEYS DEAD?!”, I didn’t believe them. This kind of thing always happens. Rumors start spreading that someones dead, and when it comes to it, they’re nearly always MORE than alive and well. So I just thought it was one of those silly things again. After facebook, I logged onto my guilty pleasure, Daily Mail, and saw it spread across the page, ” Troubled Music legend Whitney Houston is found dead in bath of Beverly Hills hotel room at the age of 48, after long fight with drugs”, and its safe to say, my face dropped!

I know Whitney isn’t exactly from my era, but I don’t think you have to be old/older to realize that she was a legend. I can remember my friend and I dancing to ” I wanna dance with somebody” in my room as a 10 year old, and absolutely loving Whitney!

She was such an inspritation and idol to so many, it’s a real  shame and a  huge shock that she has died so young!

Here’s a little tribute to the amazing and wonderful, Whitney Houston,

xoxo T


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