With Valentines Day around the corner ( 5 days away to be exact), I’d thought I’d share some last minute lingerie ideas! I went shopping for mine last week with my friend Leanne, and OH MY GOD, it was extremely stressful! I thought it would be simple, go to a shop, see something  , like it, and buy it. But obviously not. There were SO many choices, and all beautiful! After traipsing around all the shops we could think of, Primark, Marks & Spencer, Topshop and New Look, we came to the conclusion, however pricey it was, it would have to be Ann Summers.

As soon as I walked in, I wished it could be my personal lingerie walk in wardrobe! It was all so pretty and beautifully made! I literally wanted EVERYTHING! After a long day, we finally chose what to buy, and were very happy!

Nevertheless, I’d thought share some of my favorite lingerie I saw whilst shopping which would be perfect for Valentines Day, or even  if you just fancy some new underwear!

At the moment , I really really like the high rise look. Mainly because I think it looks so elegant but also because it makes you feel really slim and it’s comfortable ( Always a winner!) This one is from New Look, the bra is £14.99 and the Knickers are £9.99. The print on this to too cute! I will defnitely be purchasing this set when they have my size!

Secondly, I really like this set from Topshop

I love the colour and lace detail, and also its perfect because it has the suspenders attached to the knickers! This is £33, but its quite a bargain and its a bra, knickers and the suspenders!

Finally, I love love love these two sets from Ann Summers, but haven’t got a picture as I couldnt save it from their website! Instead I’ve got the links;

Hope you like them!

xoxo T


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