Girl Crush

Since the start of 2012, I’ve seen her popping up more and more in magazines and online, and now, I am officially in love with Elizabeth Olsen.


I’ve always been a fan of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen but to be honest, who has’t! Growing up I was pretty much obsessed with them, I would ALWAYS be watching their TV shows ‘Two of a kind‘ and ‘ So little time‘,  and now, with their stunning looks, and amazing dress sense, nothing has really changed. However, one person who I never really cared to look at or obsess over was their beautiful younger Sister, Elizabeth. She has the striking, beautiful looks of her older sisters and has amazing style too. I was reading an article on her in the recent Grazia magazine, and I admire her so much! In the article she talks of how growing up, unlike her sisters, she did’t want the fame, as she seen the negative sides of it, and instead she chose to just hang out with her friends.  After the recent Sundance film festival, I think it’s safe to say that her publicity and status has risen dramatically! Her photo shoot in glamour is absolutely gorgeous! I will definitely be keeping my eye on her this year!

I’ve also read that she is the line-up of possible ‘Carrie’s’ for the new Sex and The City prequel, and although my favourite option would be Blake Lively (I’m a  Loyal fan of gossip girl) Elizabeth would definitely be my second choice!

I really wish I was in their family, I want those big eyes and beautiful cheek bones! Oh well.

xoxo T


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