Shoes Shoes Shoes

Today I am pining for a new pair of heels.

Most of the ones in my wardrobe right now are black ( apart from my Pink Carvela babies), and although I do love a pair black heels as they go with literally EVERYTHING, I think my shoe wardrobe desperately needs a splash of colour!

I am in actual LOVE with these heels that Urban Outfitters tweeted a picture of ,  but I’ve searched the internet and can’t find them anywhere, which is very disappointing!

Nevertheless, you can always rely on Topshop to provide an EXCELLENT selection of heels, of which my favorite three are,

The first ones are really sophisticated, and I think they would look lovely for an occasion. I love love love the wedge/platform on these, and they are only £68 so not TOO bad!  Next are the pink ones! These are SO summery, and perfect for a night out. They are not something I would usually go for, and probably won’t as they are £90, but I love them nonetheless and they would definitely brighten up my shoe collection I once again love the design of the heel on the last ones, and the colour is also very spring/summery! These ones are £85.

xoxo T


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