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I started interning yesterday at, and ever after just one day, I can tell I’m going to love it! are completely changing their website for this year, so you’ll able to look at information on ALL the festivals, starting with the ones in the UK ( which is perfect if you’re planning on going but don’t really know a lot about it) AS WELL AS reading blogs from all their new interns (including me)

Each blog differs, as some people will be blogging about beauty, some about festival tips, some about music and some on fashion, so everything you’ll ever need to know will be covered!

In my blog for Phestival, I intend on writing about summer/festival fashion and what to wear with what! All the clothes popping up in the shops and magazines now are AMAZING! As well as that , I’ll be writing about up and coming music artists who I think might be big in 2012! is definitely going to be big in 2012 so head over to the website now and check it out;

and follow them on twitter and facebook to keep up to date on all things festival !!


xoxo T


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