I hardly ever wear skirts, or if I do its either for two reasons;

1) I’m on holidays
2) Its a short one to wear on a night out.

BUT,  recently, I’ve seen the ‘Midi’ skirt cropping up in Magazines and online, and I think it’s made me a skirt lover ( for the time being anyway). Whenever I’m browsing online now, I find myself clicking on the ‘skirt’ section, Something I rarely do! I am particularly liking the waterfall type effect, where its shorter in the front. I think they look really nice in the day time, with tights perhaps, and perfect at night teamed with a pair of huge heels! I love how they are wearable for all seasons, as for Spring you could wear it with a jumper for the those icey mornings, but come summer, they would look perfect with a bra-let and sandals!

These are my faves at the moment

The first one is from Asos for just £22, the second ( my favourite) Urban Outfitters is £40, and the last one is also from Urban Outfitters  and quite expensive being £70! But still beautiful nevertheless!

xoxo T


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