Spring/Summer Fashion.

Since logging onto Topshop today and looking at the  ‘New In’ section , I AM IN LOVE! My screen was filled with beautiful pastel colour dresses and bright shorts! I can hardly wait for this boring ice-y weather to go, and the sun to come out, with warmth! I think Spring/Summer may be my favorite time of the year for fashion, as we finally get to ditch the dark woolly jumpers and layers ( which I do love don’t get me wrong, but there’s only so much layering a girl can do), and brave bright dresses, with tights of course, we don’t want to look too eager! I am particualrly in love with this dress ; It is £36 from Topshop and SO pretty. For Spring, this would be perfect with tights, and maybe even a thin jumper on top with some ankle boots, however, for Summer, this would without a doubt be an amazing festival outfit. This, with your hunter wellies and a straw hat would look perfect! Plus it would be easy to pack. I think I’ve just found summer outfit number one!

xoxo T


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